About Us

Hello, my name is Rikaru. I'm a keyboard enthusiast and I've been one for almost 3 years.
The main goal of Rikaru keyboard reviews is to give you, our visitors a chance to learn about keyboards that are new or any keyboards you may be interested in.
Our vision is to help visitors make the right choice when it comes to finding a keyboard that meets their needs and wants
Also, we want to help spread the news about new keyboards to the keyboard community, which has been growing at a rapid pace with the growth of the E-Sports industry.
This has undoubtedly led to even more people wanting to learn about the keyboards their gaming idols use and some may even be in the market to buy their idols keyboard.
With Rikaru keyboard reviews, we'll do our best to ensure you learn anything you've wanted to learn about keyboards.

Image Of Keyboard Collection

Our Experience With Keyboards

Here at Rikaru keyboard reviews, our experience with keyboards spans many keyboard generations of both mechanical and non-mechanical keyboard varients
From older generation buckling spring keyswitches on the IBM model M/S
to the latest cherry MX switches in blue, brown, red, green, black and even the rare whites and clears which are being used on most commercial keyboards these days.
Other switches we have used include the widely popular razer green, orange and yellow switches as well as keyswitches from the company alps with the old school but popular alps switches found on the very first keyboards like the Apple Extended Keyboard (1987-1995)

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